Please Don’t Break Five Light Tubes With Your Balls


It’s kind of sad that we even have to type this out, but could we please stop doing terrible things to our testicles? When this clip of a dude going balls-first through five fluorescent light tubes came to our attention, we almost didn’t want to watch it. But we sacrifice for our readership, so here it is. The clip, from generically-named channel Viral Video UK, features a hairless dude in some sort of cheap party dress standing on a roof, flicking what appears to be a flashlight or butane lighter.

After some prompting from the cameraman, he squats at the edge of the roof and hurls himself off with his legs spread, impacting a sequence of five light tubes mounted on a flimsy wooden frame. They offer little to no resistance as he plummets to the ground in a hail of glass. It’s impossible to say what kind of undergarments he’s wearing underneath his frock, but we hope they’re thick wool at the very least.

The poor dumb balls-dropper seems able to walk away at the end of the stunt, but he’ll be picking glass out of his inner thighs for a while. Now that you’ve seen the clip, please don’t try this at home. Or anywhere, really.