Don’t Call Your Teacher “Professor What’s His Nuts”

Professor What's His Nuts

Students today are pretty stressed out - not only are they working their asses off to produce the assignments they need to finish, attend the classes and more, but they’re also racking up student loan debt in record amounts. So it’s not terribly surprising that some things slip through the cracks. But a recent and hilarious mix-up went viral to show us just how wrong that can go.

Student Zoey Oxley turned in a paper a little while ago but when she was working on it she blanked out on her professor’s name, so put in “Professor What’s His Nuts” in to fill space. Unfortunately, she didn’t remember to replace it before she sent it off.

Hilariously, the student’s take on the shenanigans wasn’t the only one on Twitter - at the same time, the professor also Tweeted about it!

Everybody seems to be taking this pretty well, so hopefully Ms. Oxley got a good grade on her paper and we can all move on.

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