Don’t Make Or Give These Rosemary Nuts To Anyone

“Make sure your nuts are cool before you put a top on!” — Truer words were never spoken by a food vlogger.

Everything else, though, about the gifting of a random nut jar to your Thanksgiving host? No. No, no, no, a million times no. Do not walk through the door of your Thanksgiving host’s home and present to them, while they are wiping turkey grease off of their face and whipping marshmallows around the room, a jar full of anything, much less “rosemary nuts”. This is not okay to do, for anyone at any time.

“Oh, great,” your host will announce. “I’ve been spatchcocking and flambéing since Tuesday, but over here has stuffed some, what is it? Rosemary nuts? Some rosemary nuts into a jar. We can each have one nut out of the rosemary nuts jar. Thank you so much. Dinner is served.”