Don’t Subscribe To This Man Or He’ll Make A Bowling Ball Launcher

If someone walked up to you off the street or sent you a random email to say that you should pay attention to them for a while if you want to see them build a bowling ball launcher, what would you say? You’d drive away as fast as your bucket of bolts could carry you, we assume, or delete that email as fast as the other, smaller bucket of bolts inside your house would allow you to. That’s because despite the fact that a bowling ball launcher is not something that currently exists to our knowledge, being a part of a group effort that actually manifested one in the pursuit of an arbitrary (if large) number of viewers would probably be a red mark in your cosmic ledger.

Despite their apparent fragility under pressure, bowling balls can do some damage if lobbed hard enough. So we’re asking you not to subscribe to this man. Do not go onto JoergSprave’s channel page. Do not click the “subscribe” button under the banner. Do not support the construction of a bowling ball launcher from hell.

It’s the responsible thing to do.