Poker Pro Does A Double Take To Verify His Nut Straight

Poker has come and gone, more or less, from the greater social consciousness. It was never really clear why the popularity surge happened in the first place, although the reasons for its quick demise are a good deal more obvious. After the US government banned banks from processing transactions to poker and gambling websites, the writing for televised tournaments and poker rooms everywhere was on the wall.

Still, the near-sport enjoys a mild amount of popularity among the rich (and irresponsible)-the type of people who would be more than happy to wager 5 figures on a single hand in a hotel where the entire room is controlled by remote. They’re also the sort of folks that tend to forget when they have the nut straight (the best possible hand in a given scenario) and call a $55,000 bet without being totally sure. It’s called gambling for a reason, we suppose.