Dyson’s New Big Ball Vacuum Is Amazing

Dyson Big Ball Vacuum

One interesting thing about walking the balls beat is you get to write about things you never expected, like Dyson vacuums. They landed on our radar this month with the introduction of the Big Ball, a revolutionary new form factor that can right itself if knocked over.

The Big Ball is the latest in Dyson’s Cinetic line, which features a filterless system that never needs cleaning or replacement. No filters means that the system never gets clogged and loses suction, which is a big issue in vacuum world. Reviews of previous models rave about the quality of the Cinetic mechanism, so if you hate shaking out dirty filters, you might be interested.

But the real selling point for the Big Ball is its unique form factor. Unlike many other vacuums, this one has a clever ergonomic design. Instead of rolling on wheels or casters, the main spherical component of the body rotates, letting you roll it across a variety of surfaces. Even more interesting, the Big Ball has a self-righting feature where if it gets knocked over, it automatically picks itself back up. If you’ve ever tried to stabilize an ordinary vacuum while also wrangling the hose into a tight spot, you know how cool this is.

All this tech doesn’t come cheap, though - the list price for the Dyson Big Ball is a whopping $699. Paying that much for a vacuum is a tough sell, even if it is named after one of our favorite things.

Techno Buffalo has the specs and a gallery of pictures of the Dyson Big Ball in action. What do you think? Is it worth the sticker price, or are you going to stick with the same old thing?