Eating Fish Testicles On Camera Is a Weird Business Plan

We’ll share some weird stuff here on The Ball Report from time to time. The whole site is weird, in a sense — most of you don’t spend your days talking about balls quite as much as we do, but even then the occasional oddity slides across our desks. Scrotum beauty pageants are weird, and so is this fella’s giant paint ball, but neither comes close to this: a channel devoted to a totally cropped mouth eating foods rather sensuously.

Maybe that’s not totally safe for work, but on the off chance someone roams by and asks what in the damn hell you are doing on your computer, you can tell them that you’re just watching a review of fish testicles. What, with Thanksgiving coming up and all.

All of these videos are a little risqué, and the comments on the page indicate that this is not exactly an audience interested in an exploration of unique cuisine. If you’d like to skip the lipstick-application portion of the review, you can click here to go 2 minutes in. Enjoy the fish testicles, for whatever reason! No judgment here.