Ed Balls Makes A Darn Edible Muffin, Says Paul Hollywood

To most Americans, the names “Ed Balls” and “Paul Hollywood” probably sound as if they’ve been made up—utterly conjured out of thin air. They sound surreal to Yankee ears, not necessarily in the way that our “Aidens” and “Caydens” are, but more like professional wrestling gimmicks. As if they’re called Ed “The Crusher” Balls, and so on.

But Ed is real, and he is spectacular.

Though his former title in the English government (Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer) sounds more like a Star Wars character than most Star Wars characters, Mr. Balls is indeed a real politician, and the UK media seems to enjoy chronicling his every move. Probably because his name is Ed Balls. In this video, Ed makes a cupcake, and Paul Hollywood (???) declares it…

You know what, who cares?! The guy’s name is Ed Balls! Good gravy what a name!

We’d vote for him anytime.