Elementary School Bans Students From Bringing Balls

Elementary School Balls

If you think back to your elementary school days, you probably have at least one fond memory of bouncing a ball around, whether it be during a game of kickball on the playground or a rubber ball in the hallway. Balls are one of childhood’s most iconic toys. So why would a school in Croydon ban students from bringing them?

Dorset Primary School principal Palma Coppa sent home a letter to parents last week that read:

“The school welfare team has dealt with a surge in sport-related injuries in the playground due to impacts with playing balls that are over inflated and oversized. We have also noted a large increase in the number of balls being brought from home. In an effort to ensure safety of all of our children who play in the playground, we are providing children with the correctly sized playing balls from the school’s PE supplies and instructing them not to bring balls from home.”

This seems like a pretty extreme situation to a relatively minor problem. If there’s one thing we know about kids, it’s that they’ll manage to hurt themselves with just about anything, whether it be an over-inflated ball or a stray pencil. Maybe if teachers were paying more attention to what the little monsters were up to, less of them would get hurt. Needless to say, the students at this elementary school aren’t terribly happy about this turn of events.

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