Fan Gives Marilyn Manson a Thankless Testicle Massage

It does not seem right that in 2016, nearly two decades after Marilyn Manson enjoyed any significant amount of notoriety, that he should be slapping concertgoers’ hands on his junk and asking for a testicle massage. But here he is, playing all the hits and asking for the moon in return. Marilyn, you scoundrel.

For their part, the, ahem, masseuse and her purported partner are nothing short of enthused by Manson’s offer. That’s a very good thing, since Manson (real name Brian Warner) was in the midst of lollygagging his way through “The Beautiful People” and did not spare a word to ask permission for any contact, much less a testicle massage.

Warner, who at one time was reputed to own taxidermied baboons and a trove of Nazi memorabilia, sells his own brand of absinthe, and has been accused of overly aggressive contact in the past.

As of 2015, Manson no longer drinks absinthe.