This Fella Has Never Had A Bowl Of Grape Nuts


Grape Nuts is a classic cereal—one we’ve all had dozens if not hundreds of times in our lives, one that we’ll always remember. When it comes to Grape Nuts, there are certain things you will never forget: the…crunchiness of the…flakes? Its…sweetness? The…grapes in there?

Ok, so maybe we’re a lot like this guy, who has not had the pleasure of the Post brand cereal until this very moment. But thanks to his taste test, which crucially does not render much of a review or score to the cereal, we now know that Grape Nuts contain neither grapes nor nuts. They got their name from their resemblance to grape seeds. Maybe.

[Inventor C.W.] Post believed that glucose (which he called “grape sugar”) formed in the baking process. This, combined with the nutty flavor of the cereal, is said to have inspired its name. Another explanation originates from employees at Post, who claim that the cereal got its name due to a resemblance to grape seeds, or grape “nuts.” The cereal originally prepared by C. W. Post when developing the product was a batter that came from the oven as a rigid sheet. He then broke the sheet into pieces and ran them through a coffee grinder to produce the “nut” sized kernels.

Also, it was one of those cereals that was supposed to make you super healthy back in the early 20th century. We were not too smart back then. Now we have Froot Loops, though, so, maybe it’s a wash.