Don’t Use A Flare Gun On Your Nuts For A Viral Video


In the course of putting this site together, we’ve seen people do all sorts of really unpleasant things to their balls. But this latest viral video clip takes the cake. Why in a million years would you point a flare gun directly at your crotch and pull the trigger? Nothing good can ever come of such an action.

Really, when we watch a video like this we want to climb into the screen and grab the rotund victim by the shoulders and shake him into sense. Don’t you know how precious your balls are? You only get two of them, and men around the world have lost them through no fault of their own. To jeopardize your nuts for the sake of a stupid YouTube video doesn’t make any sense.

I mean, this dude got his viral video and people are watching it, so mission accomplished, I guess? It just seems like a hard road to take for little to no reward.

Clip courtesy Viral Video UK.