Foul Ball Wrecks Fan’s Snack Plans


When you see a foul ball coming your way, it activates a reflex in your brain that drives you to do anything to catch it. Game balls don’t come easy, and the story of how you got your hands on one is guaranteed to be a hit around the water cooler (or on Facebook) the next morning. That is, unless you’re this lucky fan who came to AT&T Park to watch the Giants take on the Diamondbacks on Saturday.

Paul Goldscmit popped a high ball into the stands in the first inning, and Thea Vierling was in perfect position to catch it as it came down. Only one problem: her hands were already full. She had just returned from the concession stand with a platter loaded with drinks and food. The ball homed in on the snacks like a guided missile, completely obliterating it as the crowd watched in horror.

Vierling actually snagged the foul ball directly in her beer cup, which being made out of flimsy plastic couldn’t handle the impact and shattered into a million pieces. Luckily for her, the unwritten rules of baseball fandom led a fellow spectator to hunt the ball down and give it back to her once she’d gotten cleaned up. has a short chat with her about the whole incident.