Would You Freeze Your Balls To Make Them Look Nicer?

Freeze Your Balls

Male beauty is a fascinating thing. Standards change through the years, with what is attractive to one generation laughable to the next. That’s a high-faluting way of saying that for some reason people think that giving your balls a quick freeze is the next hot manscaping trend.

You read that right. It’s courtesy of a British company called Cryotherapy UK, which employs cold temperatures for a number of beauty treatments. They call it “Love Mist,” and it consists of a 30 minute spraying of liquid nitrogen onto your manly bits. They claim that this stimulates tissue growth, which we’ve never considered a problem for our nutsack.

The “Love Mist” is also boasted to boost your libido and improve your mood, which is a pretty hard claim to prove. If we had to think about it, having freezing cold gas vented at my genitals certainly wouldn’t boost my mood. Urologists also aren’t really on board, pointing out that cryotherapy has no documented benefits in the long term for your testicular appearance.

Hat tip to Unicorn Booty for the story.