Girls Ask If They Should Play With Your Balls


Girls have a lot of questions about what to do down there. Just like all women enjoy different stimuli, guys have a variety of perspectives on what it’s OK to do with our balls. Some guys like the stimulation, while others are a little too sensitive. And it’s really tough for the fairer sex to understand what to do with our dangly bits. Penises are pretty simple, all things considered, but balls are more delicate and touchy.

The two ladies of YouTube channel Come Curious tackle the subject with aplomb in their new video. Florence and Reed have an open-minded, positive approach to sex and want to deliver the goods in each and every video (usually while not wearing much in the way of clothing). In this clip, the girls run down some aversions women might have to ball play, give tips on how to breach the subject, and discuss their own experiences.

How do you feel about the subject? Are you cool with girls playing with your balls, or would you rather they focus on the primary task at hand? So many questions, so few answers.