Goalie Groins Are Not Invincible, It Would Seem

If you remove the sporting context from all around a hockey game, a few things stand out. One, the use of sirens is weirdly out of place. Two, it’s actually not as cold in here as you might imagine. It’s not warm, of course, but really it’s not like a tundra or anything either. Most jarring, though, are the get-ups that the players in net have to wear. They look like really poorly animated robots from an 80s sci-fi film. It’s all for good reason, though. There’s nothing soft about chunks of frozen rubber at a million miles per hour. Goalie groins alone must be guarded like Fort Knox.

And yet!

Finally, we’ve found something worse than this ref’s awful luck. Or, perhaps, this errant slapshot was a charm of some sort. Kari Lehtonen and the Dallas Stars are 2-0 since he took that crumpling hit.

Probably not worth it, though.