Golf Ball Lands In Lunch Bag During Cyprus Open

Golf Ball Lands In Lunch Bag During Cyprus Open

When a pro golfer hits a ball, they have a pretty clear notion of where it’s going to go. Factoring in wind speed and other random environmental factors can make it diverge by a degree or two, but typically when you’re golfing at a high level your ball doesn’t end up in some random spectator’s lunch bag.

During the opening round of the Cyprus Open, duffer Callum Shinkwin teed off at the final hole. His shot stoarted to veer towards a tree in the rough, but there was an unexpected hazard in the way. The lunch bag of a volunteer, containing a few cans of sparkling water, gulped up his ball. The European Tour’s official Instagram account shared some pictures.

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He obviously didn’t play the ball where it lay, opting to take a free drop according to the tournament rules. He did take a cheeky photo of himself attempting to hit the ball out of the bag. Shinkwin finished the day at four under par, even with his lunch bag mishap.

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