This Golf Ball Sculpture Is Pretty Amazing

Golf Ball Sculpture

Golf is a pretty magical sport, and paying tribute to it with a massive sculpture is right up our alley. The British town of Southport in Sefton is hosting the 146th Annual Open Gold Championship tournament at Royal Birkdale, and the locals are fired up. Outside the The Atkinson on Lord Street, a conglomeration of giant-sized golf balls tracing the arc of a perfect swing was erected nearly overnight.

Measuring over 30 feet tall, the sculpture consists of 20 enlarged balls that curve from the top of the building into a giant hole on the turf. Each ball is emblazoned with Southport’s logo and motto - “Different Everytime.” To add to the effect, a quartet of golf clubs at the top of the building balance the composition.

The sculpture was designed by local firm Wild Creations, who loved the opportunity to add something to the town that was of such tremendous scale. We don’t know what’ll happen to the giant golf balls after the Open is over, but we’ll follow up when it happens.

The Southport Visiter has more on the construction.