This Guy Biting Into A Magnet Ball Cube Freaks Us Out

Hey: don’t eat magnets. Don’t swallow magnets. They can stick together in your digestive tract and really wreck things in there. That said, you’re going to want to watch this video of a dude biting into a cube made of tiny magnets, just for the novelty value.

The dude is a YouTuber named Chris Chann (no relation to the infamous comic artist from Ruckersville) and from his subscriber count it looks like he’s pretty popular. If he keeps doing stuff like this, though, he might not live long enough to enjoy himself.

Chris and his cohort build an 18x18x18 cube of tiny ball magnets, and just that is cool enough, but then the guys get weird. Taking chomps out of the magnetized cube is reported to deliver a totally bizarre and unique sensation, as the magnetic force of each ball make strands of it stick together like weird spaghetti. Of course, because this is YouTube the clip is then padded out with a bunch of other useless stuff, but you don’t have to watch it.