Watch This Master Craftsman Build Wooden Testicle Holders


YouTube is a funny place. Thousands of videos get uploaded every single day on just about any subject you can imagine. Sure, plenty of them are teens vlogging about feelings or makeup or video games, but then you get cool dudes like Frank Howarth, who is interested in “architecture at a small scale expressed through woodworking and film making.” Translated, that means he gets hired to make cool stuff and shows it to you.

How does this tie into balls? Well, recently a urologist in town got ahold of Frank and asked him for a favor. You see, he was just about to graduate and was making a commemorative object for his fellow grads. He made brass testicles, and needed wooden testicle holders to display them. Making a base for balls isn’t a common task, so Howarth jumped right to work.

He photographed the brass scrotums and created a stepped cutout for them to nestle in. This video chronicles the process of milling and cutting the bases, and the finished product is hilarious. Who says balls can’t be art? We would proudly display a pair of brass balls atop a wooden testicle holder in a place of prominence in our home or office, and hopefully you would too.