Guys In New Zealand Are Drawing Balls On Their Runs With GPS

GPS Dick And Balls

No matter how you choose to celebrate testicular cancer awareness month, we’re on your side. As this site proves, there are literally thousands of different ways to draw attention to balls. But this stunt by a bunch of dudes in New Zealand with the help of GPS tracking is a new one.

Testicular Cancer New Zealand is responsible for the stunt, which they’re hashtagging #GoBallsOut. The premise is simple: go for your daily run with your GPS tracker enabled to record your route and the distance you did. But instead of sticking to your typical path, alter your run so that you trace the outline of a pecker and a nutsack. Upload that to social media with the hashtag and join the legions of others. Finally, challenge a pair of friends to do it too.

It’s a charmingly cheeky idea that combines physical fitness and naughtiness - two of our favorite things. And if it inspires you to check your sack after you finish a run, all the better. It just takes a few minutes and it could save your life.

Mashable has the full story. If you’re looking for a different way to run for testicular cancer, sign up for the Running of the Balls.