Hanes Has A New Underwear For “Ball-Ance”

Hanes Has A New Underwear For "Ball-Ance"

We’ve written on here before about how styles in men’s underwear haven’t changed all that much since the debut of the boxer brief in the mid-1990s. With massive advances in technology and human understanding of our anatomy, it seems somewhat odd that we haven’t seen similar progress in keeping our private parts comfortable. But venerable undergarment maker Hanes is stepping into the gap with a new style that promises to “ball-ance” your testicles.

Hanes is calling it the “Total Support Pouch,” and they’re promoting it with a cheeky commercial starring actor Tony Cavalero, best known for playing the Jack Black character in the short-lived School of Rock TV series. In it, he puts the Total Support Pouch through its paces by hanging from a rocky cliff face, riding a mechanical bull and more. The message is that no matter what the activity, the underpants will keep your gonads spaced out and give them plenty of breathing room. Watch it for yourself here:

What do you think? Does the Total Support Pouch make you more likely to buy Hanes, or are you loyal to your current underwear brand? And if you’ve tried it, does it really perform as advertised?

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