James Harden Gives Minimal Effort To Avoid Cameraman Ballkick

For the Rockets and Jazz, two teams who are essentially fighting over the right to get waxed in the playoffs by the Warriors or Spurs, the end of this season is telling two vastly different stories.

In Houston’s case, a frenetic dud of a trade deadline made public the fractured chemistry of the locker room. Virtually everyone but superstar James Harden was known to be on the trade block, yet the one deal the Rockets completed was undone by a technicality. All of the players involved in potential deals will now sulk back into the Rockets bus for the next 20 or so games.

On the other side you have the Jazz who find themselves with a nearly identical win-loss record but with the exact opposite outlook. Instead of a franchise in disarray and on the decline, Utah’s young nucleus of Gordon Hayward and a couple of guys named Burke or Burks has them actually anticipating a (token, but still) playoff berth. They will likely step over Houston’s rotting corpse to get it.

The chair has been pulled out from under Harden and the Rockets figuratively this season, and in this clip, the turn of phrase is a bit more literal. A typical Big Game James flop led to a rather awkward roll and a narrowly avoided ballkick to the sideline cameraman; it was one of the least embarrassing moments of his season, unfortunately.

The camera operator’s balls are probably not the only thing the Rockets will miss this year.