What The Hell Is Going On In This Ball Crushing Video?


If you’ve spent any time on YouTube in the last few years, you’ve probably been accidentally exposed to the bizarrely popular videos for kids where grown-ups pantomime various slapstick bits in cheap superhero costumes. Well, now they’re getting into the ball crushing business, and things are getting even weirder.

This video from Dima Kids TV has so many weird things about it. Thing one: the description is in Russian, but the damn video has two and a half million views. Are there really that many Russian-speaking kids thirsty for insanely dumb entertainment? Second, the main “plotline” of the Joker crushing little Masha’s balls takes up but a mere fraction of the running time - the rest involves weird baby dolls, a radio-controlled Lightning McQueen car, and a dude in a Hulk costume.

But we saved the weirdest bit for last: it’s not the only Joker ball crushing video that hit YouTube in the last week. There are literally a half dozen of these, all from different channels with different kids and different cars! What the hell is going on with this stuff?

Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself.