Here’s A Guide To Testicular Issues

Testicular Issues

Testicular cancer is our main reason for existing here at the Ball Report, but that means we still pay attention to other testicular issues that men can suffer. Our pals over at The Sun have compiled a very useful article that runs down some of these things.

We start with the base question: is it weird to have one nut that’s bigger than the other? Not really. The human body is roughly bilaterally symmetrical, but it’s not uncommon for people to have one foot that’s larger than the other, for example. A slightly bigger testicle is typically nothing to worry about. But this is, of course, predicated on an awareness of what’s going on below the belt. If you find one or both of your testicles increasing in size unevenly, that might be a sign of something more.

Other testicular issues that the piece goes into include torsion, when the poor little guys get all twisted up inside there and have to be surgically untangled, as well as orchitis and epididymitis. No matter what’s going on down there, it’s vital to pay attention to any testicular issues that might come up and get medical attention.

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