Here’s Three Hamsters Running Through A Ball Maze

Here's Three Hamsters Running Through A Ball Maze

It’s Monday and if you’re anything like us the work week ahead is looming heavy in your field of vision. So why not take ten minutes to enjoy something so deeply, gleefully stupid that it’ll put you in a good mood for at least a few hours, like this video of a trio of hamsters navigating a homemade cardboard maze with ball pit balls in it?

The channel this comes from is all about building amusing and weird DIY projects for hamsters to interact with and explore, and the ball maze is a pretty fascinating example. It’s vertical, requiring them to navigate multiple “floors” of obstacles and balls to reach the end, where they hopefully get a delicious treat. The videomaker has also put dramatic music, sound effects and even a timer over the whole spectacle so you can really feel like it’s important. Just watch it for yourself.

By the end of that video, you should have picked a favorite hamster and been cheering lustily for them to break the record. I know I was. And now it makes me want to get some scrap cardboard and build something similar for my kids, because I don’t have hamsters.

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