How Do You Deal With Ball Sweat?

How Do You Deal With Ball Sweat?

If there’s one dependable thing about summertime, it’s that your balls are going to sweat. With the heat domes and climate shifts the world has been experiencing, the hot season is feeling hotter than ever, and if you don’t take precautions to stave off swamp crotch you could get chafing, bad smells and even infections down there. Thankfully, the product geniuses over at The Strategist took the time to evaluate the myriad products on the market for taking care of ball sweat.

They break down their offerings into numerous categories. Specialized ball deodorants can help inhibit the production of excess sweat on hot days, preventing it from pooling. As a second line of defense, anti-chafing creams lubricate the zone to prevent abrasion of the skin. And, finally, powders to absorb excess moisture clean up the stragglers. It may seem like a complicated formula, but taking care of your balls can pay off in numerous ways, not just avoiding sweatstains on your shorts.

What do you think? Give us your best tips for keeping ball sweat under control down in the comments. We’re big proponents of the classic “fan and a bowl full of ice cubes” method, but that one’s not very portable.

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