How Much Would You Pay For A Yves St. Laurent Beach Ball?

How Much Would You Pay For A Yves St. Laurent Beach Ball

Even though August is reaching an end, there’s still a few weeks or more of good beach weather, depending on where you live. Now fashion-forward swimmers have some high-end options, as couture house Yves St. Laurent has unveiled a line of beach balls and pool floaties for some reason.

Composed of 100% polyurethane, the black beach ball emblazoned with a colorful pastel dot pattern at the iconic YSL logo will certainly stand out amidst beachgoers. Whether that’s a good thing or not is still up in the air - if your fellow sunbathers tag you as the kind of person who would shell out extra cash for an inflatable orb just because it had a famous logo on it, you might get some sand kicked in your face. Or maybe there are fancy private beaches for high rollers that you go to so you can stay away from the riff-raff.

The Yves St. Laurent beach ball retails for a mere $39, which seems like a bargain until you realize you can get a beach ball of similar size without the branding at the dollar store for, well, a dollar. But if you absolutely need to assert your balls superiority in every venue possible, why not shell out the cash?

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