Ice Cream Vendor Takes A Foul To The Butt


It’s our second story of the week that mixes food and foul balls - what is going on, America? This time, it was an unwitting ice cream vendor at a Houston Astros-Oakland Athletics game on Tuesday. A pop foul dinged off of a bat and arced directly into his gluteus maximus.

The vendor was facing the opposite direction when the ball came flying in, so he didn’t realize what had happened for a bit. His reaction is pretty funny, as you can tell that he’s trying to figure out where that new pain in his hind end came from. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like it hurt that bad.

Fox Sports has more on the butt bonk, including the fact that the poor hapless working man didn’t even get to keep the ball that dinged him. Some other fan got to take that one home.