Illusionist Reveals Trick Behind His Magic Balls

In an era beyond “Mindfreak“-ing and The Masked Magician, when search results for “pranks” that seem increasingly like outright violence far outnumber the (relatively) traditional amusements involving picking a random card, it’s actually rather quaint to see someone performing close-up magic again.

This “magic balls” trick from Julien Magic is simple, elegant, and classic — nothing more than sleight of hand performed well. It’s good enough that even after the unsurprising explanation, you’re left wondering how he did it. Only now, instead of wondering what dark arts Julien must possess knowledge of, you wonder: how did he have the time to perfect this intricately choreographed sequence so that it would ultimately appear so inconspicuous as to fool even the skeptical mind guarded against being tricked?

Or, you might think, maybe they’re just magic balls! Either way.