Indian Restaurant Serving Covid Curry With Fried Virus Balls

Indian Restaurant Serving Covid Curry With Fried Virus Balls

People are adapting to the COVID-19 coronavirus and its impact on society in a bunch of different ways, but one of the funniest is business owners trying to cash in on it. Case in point: an Indian restaurant in Jodhpur that is offering a number of pandemic-themed dishes, including “covid curry” with fried virus balls as well as a piece of naan bread shaped like a mask.

Yash Solanki, owner of vegetarian restaurant Vedic in the Indian city, debuted the unique dishes last month. The COVID curry features breaded balls of vegetables, also known as pakora, shaped like the “crowned” virus, with a spherical center and prongs emanating in a ring around the outside. It’s not just the shape that’s the selling point, though - Solanki claims that he’s added extra herbs and spices to the dish that support immune function.

While the curry might actually be able to help you fight off a cold in some small way, the “masks” made out of traditional naan bread are probably not recommended for wearing on your face. They certainly look delicious, but no studies have been done measuring the efficacy of bread at blocking viruses. Also it’s probably not good for your skin to wear a piece of bread on your face all day.

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