Insane Motorcycle Crash Costs Rider A Ball

Motorcycle Crash

Yikes. It’s fun as hell to ride a motorcycle, but it can also be pretty dangerous. This dashcam footage from Australia shows one of the most gruesome accidents we’ve seen in a long time, as a motorist pulls out into the middle of an intersection without looking for traffic and intercepts a biker along the way.

The crash happened at the Princes Highway intersection in Melbourne. The footage, captured by another motorist, shows a car driving through just a few seconds before, then another car pulling out, and finally the biker T-boning the vehicle. The car’s driver is completely at fault here - the intersection is explicitly labeled and they need to yield to oncoming traffic. If you watch the video below, you can see the driver sort of stutter out into the biker’s path without much confidence.

Amazingly, the motorcycle rider survived the incredible collision, although it left him with brain damage and cost him one of his testicles as well as a broken pelvis and a collapsed lung. When he recovered enough to talk, he announced his intention of pressing charges against the driver, Ajith Udiriappu Waduge. Waduge pled guilty to dangerous driving but his victim’s ordeal is far from over.