An iPhone 6s Plus An Expanding Sponge Ball Is A Disaster


What is it about the iPhone 6s that makes people want to do awful science experiments with it? The guys at TechRax seem to have made a reputation making videos where they submit their phones to all kinds of brutal tests. This latest one is pretty insane. Taking a glass bowl, they placed the phone inside. Then a combination of liquid solutions that turn to foam in minutes and expand hundreds of times in size are added, and the fireworks begin. The foam rapidly swells all over the phone (thankfully, in timelapse for our busy lifestyle) and Just for reference, an iPhone 6s costs $650 without a contract. The chemical reaction that causes the foam to expand also releases a significant amount of heat, which iPhones don’t like very much either. We won’t spoil the ending for you except to say you might want to sell your Apple stock.