Is It Nuts To Sell Testicles? Even for $35,000 Each?

Meet the Skeptic Fence Show gang. Looks like they’ve got a British Billy Corgan, a hat guy, a red beard guy, and a vaping man; just like the Fantastic Four! Today, the crew is taking on a story from 2013 for some reason, about a man named Mark Parisi, who makes extra cash on the side by participating in medical studies. According to TLC’s Extreme Tightwads (or Extreme Cheapskates, depending on which source is aggregating the story), Parisi has even volunteered for studies on dangerous diseases like Ebola-for which he was compensated thousands of dollars and some free scrubs.

What our heroes are contemplating today is whether or not they’d be as freewheeling with their bodies as Parisi evidently is, having accepted$35,000 in exchange for one testicle. The consensus seems to be that it’s not so strange to want to sell testicles for that kind of money, and given the possibilities of artificial or lab-grown testicles in the future, it might not even be a permanent decision. More importantly, though, we’re given precious little information about these people goading patients to sell testicles, why they want them or what they stand to gain. And why the high prices? There’s certainly no shortage of these things.