Jack Black Takes A Water Ball Header For The Ages

Here is a video of Jack Black performing what can only be described as a water ball header. Its provenance is unclear, and we have no context to aid the curious reader in her attempt to better understand this bizarre snippet of foreign culture. So, moving on.

The theoretical concept of “known-” or “unknown knowns” has a rather inauspicious origin, and yet its continued acceptance and deployment can be attributed to its intuitive nature. Despite appearances, it’s actually quite easy to understand what someone might mean by “known unknowns” in a logistical sense—the common example being a traveler who embarks on an itinerary knowing that her flight status is truly unknown, by virtue of the possibility of a leg being canceled or delayed.

An “unknown unknown” is a less obvious idea to grab hold of, but generally speaking, can be understood to mean an event, risk, or other factor, the existence of which we are not even considering in a hypothetical sense. An unknown unknown is something that we don’t even know we don’t know about—a thing so unpredictable that we literally cannot predict it. These phenomena have the potential to be truly transformational, and if we are even capable of observing them, we do so at our own peril.

Once again, here is a video of Jack Black taking a water ball header.