Junk Food Connected To Low Sperm Counts

Junk Food Connected To Low Sperm Counts

The human body is a remarkably complex and confusing machine, composed of more moving parts than we can name. A lot of what it does is out of our control, determined by genetics and environment, but there is at least one thing that we have daily input on: what we eat. And a new study is revealing that a diet high in junk food can be very hard on your testicles.

A new study conducted by the busybodies at Harvard University decided to look into the correlation between food and fertility in males. The scientists polled 2,935 men who were undergoing their military entrance exams, a good way to get lads at a common point in their lives. In addition to the standard tests, they were asked what their typical diet was and given a battery of tests that included testicular size and weight as well as sperm health and motility.

The study found that diets high in fish, chicken and fresh fruits and vegetables resulted in the largest balls and healthiest sperm. But “western”-style diets, heavy in red meat, processed carbohydrates and junk food were at the very bottom of the list, with the slowest sperm and smallest gonads. Obviously other factors also play a part, but taking care of your gut can also be good for your sack.

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