Junk Food Diet Linked To Loss Of Testicular Function

Junk Food Diet Linked To Loss Of Testicular Function

We’re firm believers in food as medicine here at the Ball Report - a truly healthy person needs to pay attention to everything that goes in their body. And recent research backs us up, as a talk given at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Vienna a little while ago indicates. Using a research study from Harvard as their base, the team presents solid evidence that junk food diets are causing damage to testicular functionality and fertility.

The study took place in the Netherlands with a group of around 3,000 Danish men who underwent a military readiness exam between 2008 and 2017. The subjects were given an intensive battery of questions around their eating habits. They also gave semen samples, and the connection was pretty solid. The men who consumed balanced diets consisting primarily of fish, chicken, vegetables, fruit, and water demonstrated the highest sperm counts.

The men who ate a stereotypically “Western” diet of junk food, fried foods and the like, though, weren’t so lucky. Their sperm count and motility were the lowest of the group. So if you’re looking to keep your gonads working at maximum capacity, maybe skip that visit to McDonalds.

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