Katy Perry Handles Balls In Swish Swish Video

Katy Perry’s in a phase of transformation, it seems like, shedding her trademark raven locks for a close-cropped blonde cut and speaking out more openly about topics political and personal. That doesn’t mean the California girl has forgotten how to have a good time, though, as evidenced by the video for her new song “Swish Swish.” The clip dropped last week and is stuffed to the gills with basketball and memes, perfect for today’s Internet generation.

The clip’s premise is a basketball showdown between the Tigers, led by Katy Perry, and the Sheep, captained by Hafþór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson - aka the Mountain from Game of Thrones. Let’s say he’s got a few inches and a couple pounds on her. The rest of Katy’s squad is made up of one of the kids from Stranger Things, viral dance video star Christine Sydelko, and the “Backpack Kid” Russell Horning.

The other team features bodybuilders and other freaks of nature, and of course they run roughshod over Perry’s team until Nicki Minaj shows up to deliver a halftime show. Throw in tons of cameos from sports stars like Rob Gronkowski and you’ve got quite a ballsy music video.

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