Ken Wants You To Check Your Gems

We’re all about sharing personal stories on this site, because testicular cancer can happen to anybody with a set of balls. YouTuber Ken Lane typically uploads videos about interpretation of the Torah on his channel, but he also posts more personal stuff. This clip is the latter, a disarmingly honest tale of his radical orchiectomy of the right testicle as a result of teesticular cancer.

What’s the one thing we tell you guys over and over? Check your sack. Get familiar with your balls so you can tell if anything’s not right down there and head to the doctor right away.

Ken shot this video hopped up on some painkillers during his recovery, and while he was unable to do much else he decided to talk a little about his cancer journey. His catchphrase for men watching is “Check Your Gems,” which works as well as anything else we’ve heard. No matter what you call them, your family jewels are an important part of your health and being aware of them can save you a lot of misery.

Congratulations to Lane on his successful surgery and thanks for spreading the word. More men should be vocal about regular testicular self-examination.