Kiwi Skincare Company Introduces Ball Moisturizer

Kiwi Skincare Company Introduces Ball Moisturizer

We’re big fans of personal grooming here at the Ball Report, obviously, and no matter how you want to keep your nether regions hygenic we’re good with that. But if you’re noticing dryness or chafing down below, a New Zealand company has a product for you. Ball Butter is a new moisturizer specifically designed for your sack, and its creators hope that it will inspire men to check their nuts as they keep them soft.

Skincare brand Two Dudes, based in Auckland, was founded by Tomas Tappin and Michael McRae. They created the moisturizer with fatty acids and sweet almond oil to nourish your testicular skin and keep it soft and pliable. And when you apply it, you have to do a check of your nuts by default, so it kills two birds with one stone.

McRae said “Some of our family thought we were nuts to launch this product, pardon the pun. But while the product may seem a bit tongue-in-cheek, the message is actually really serious. Guys need to take note of what’s going on below the belt because the sooner you catch a problem, the better.” We couldn’t agree more. Check those nuts and keep them healthy.

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