This K’Nex Ball Moving Machine Is Completely Insane


Last week we showcased an astounding LEGO construction that moved balls around, but that was a baby toy compared to this K’Nex contraption. Called the Citadel, it’s the culmination of a project that started in January of 2013 and just finished up this year. The machine does nothing useful, but that’s part of the charm.

If you never played with K’Nex, they’re a very 90s building toy invented by a dude named Joel Glickman when he was goofing around with a cocktail straw at a friend’s wedding. Kits consist of rods and connectors, along with motors to turn gears and otherwise animate your constructions. All of the major toy manufacturers turned Glickman down when he brought them the idea, so he eventually went into business for himself and created a huge success.

Hobbyists love K’Nex for the variety of things you can make from it, and the dude behind the Citadel is no exception. Known as “Shadowman39,” he’s active on helping people realize their ambitions in the medium as well.

Here’s a photo gallery of the finished Citadel if fifteen minutes of video doesn’t slake your thirst for ball moving.