Lacrosse Ball Massages Are Brilliant


We all love to get massages, but let’s be frank: paying for them sucks and it’s hard to find the time. Self-massage is a great compromise. The drawback there is that it’s hard on your hands, so you’re sort of trading pain in one part of your body for another. YouTuber Antranik has a pretty brilliant solution to that: use a lacrosse ball.

Unlike many other sports balls, lacrosse balls are quite dense in the middle, ensuring they won’t collapse under rough use. This guy claims that they’re his bread and butter for self-massage, and in the video he walks you through the best ways to get rid of muscle pain and stiffness. We tried a few of these methods and have to admit that they work pretty damn well.

He also posted a handy Reddit thread that has looping GIFs of many of the techniques. Thanks, man.