Larry Brown Talks His Testicle Superstition


Larry Brown is the only coach in basketball history to lead teams to both an NBA title and an NCAA title, so it’s only natural that we’d want to pick his brains on the secrets to his success. In this wide-ranging interview with Graham Bensinger, we take a tour through Brown’s trophy room and talk about a certain superstition that he brought to every game.

In tight situations, Brown, his assistant coaches, and even some of his players will reach down to their groins and give their left testicle a squeeze “for the power.” Obviously there’s no biodynamic reason why compressing a nut would make you play basketball better, but are you going to be the guy who argues with Larry Brown’s record?

Bensinger wants to get to the source of this oddball superstition, and it comes from Brown’s own college basketball career. He was on the bench with the rest of his team when the order came down the line from his own coach to do the same. The name of that coach has been lost to history, so we can’t track their descendants down and ask them if nut-squeezing was a big thing in their family.

The interview’s pretty fun, so give it a watch.