Last Will & Testicle Is Back For Another Season

Web series Last Will & Testicle has been praised by luminaries like Stephen Fry and Carrie Fisher, and now it’s coming back for a second go. Creator Byron Lane funded his show on Kickstarter last year and the first season got splendid critical reaction. There’s still so much more comedy and tragedy to be mined from a testicular cancer diagnosis, and we’re glad he’s sticking with it.

Lane was inspired to make the show when he found a lump on his own testicle in August of 2015. The wide variety of reactions he got from friends and family jumpstarted the creative process, and he quickly scripted the first batch of episodes and crowdfunded their production. It took him just three days to hit his funding goal for Last Will & Testicle, and the cast features actors from The Mindy Project, Arrested Development and other quality productions.

You can watch the entirety of the series on the website. Enjoy!