Le Secret Des Balls Is A French Webseries About Our Favorite Things


Our French is pretty rust, but we do know that Le Secret Des Balls roughly translates to “The Secret Of The Balls,” so this is something we need to investigate. Created by Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun, the show is a spin-off of a previous one called La Théorie des balls, which was in itself a sequel to something else. Phew, this is a lot to keep track off.

All of the shows follow the adventures of a dude named Mitch, who came up with a “balls theory” based on quantum mechanics to explain human behavior. If we thought we could use balls to explain literally everything… wait, we do, that’s the whole point of this website. Mitch’s balls theory gets him in some trouble at work and in his personal life, but he eventually pairs off with the lovely Heloise.

Le Secret Des Balls starts off with the wedding of Mitch and Heloise, but there’s one problem: Mitch has disappeared. The narrative follows her search for her missing fiance as we learn more about her past. Our French is pretty rusty, but we still enjoyed watching this. You might too.