This LEGO Ball-Moving Machine Is Brilliantly Useless


LEGOs are pretty much the greatest toy ever invented, in our opinion. You can build just about anything with those little plastic bricks, and even as adults people are using them to construct some really intense things. Brickfest is a yearly LEGO exhibition held in Kobe that showcases the cream of the Japanese crop, and this year’s featured a “Great Ball Contraption” that caught our interest.

What does it do? Well, it moves balls around in circles, using a vast variety of locomotive LEGO devices to do so. The different segments of the massive device were constructed by different builders, and the sheer level of ingenuity on display here is flabbergasting. It takes four minutes and change to do a complete tour of the Great Ball Contraption, but it’s an excellent way to start your morning.

Did you ever build anything like this as a kid? We have to be honest and admit that our LEGO explorations stopped at spaceships and maybe a Batmobile or two.