Let’s Pour 1000 Degree Metal Balls Into Ice


Heat is a popular topic in YouTube videos lately, probably because of the nasty winter we’re having. One channel has been experimenting with a knife heated to 1000 degrees, but that’s not relevant to our site’s interests. Heat some metal balls to that temperature, though, and we’re good to go.

This clip from channel On9 continues that trend. In this case, they use a blowtorch to raise the temperature of the spheres before dumping them unceremoniously into a tub full of ice to see what happens. Obviously, as you’d expect, the ice doesn’t fare well in the exchange. But if you’d expect the balls to melt their way clean through, you’ve got another think coming.

Even though they’ve been raised to an extremely high temperature, the rapid cooling action of the ice does a number on the balls as they sink through. Eventually, the water that’s melted away re-freezes around the balls, embedding them deeply in the ice in a pretty fascinating display. It’s fun to watch, so click above and enjoy.