Look Inside Exploding Fire Extinguisher Balls


Fire is fun, and putting out fires is even more fun. One of the neatest things we’ve seen in a while is these exploding fire extinguisher balls. Instead of spraying retardant from a cylinder, these puppies get thrown into a blaze, blow up and immediately douse a blaze. The brains at What’s Inside ordered a pile of them from Thailand (sounds perfectly legal) and decided to put them through their paces to find out what’s going on.

The balls are a bit smaller than a basketball but fairly heavy, and they work insanely well. The guys set a large blaze in a confined space and toss one in and it blew up nearly instantaneously with a massive bang and a plume of smoke. Slow-motion footage shows that the initial boom of the ball snuffs the flame right away. Things then get even more dangerous. Once you delve into the ball, the construction of them becomes apparent, and when a dude sets one off while he’s holding it in his hand, well… it’s rough.

We’re not going to spoil the whole video for you, but it’s certainly worth ten minutes of your time and might make you want to order a few fire extinguisher balls to mess around with yourself.