Major League Baseball Has Their Balls On Lockdown


In the aftermath of Deflategate, sporting leagues all over the world are taking a second look at their balls. With Tom Brady suspended for four games and the Patriots made to cough up a million dollars in fines, tampering with equipment has been established as a serious foul. Major League Baseball just announced increased security measures at games to make sure that pitchers don’t tinker with their balls.

The history of baseball shenanigans has involved lots of cheating, with pitchers greasing up their hands and messing with balls to throw trickier strikes. But to prevent any Deflategate-esque scandals, MLB baseballs will now be monitored by a league representative when they’re carried out to the field, and if additional balls need to be brought out during play a security officer is the one to do it, as opposed to the traditional bat boy. A little over a hundred balls get used in an average MLB game.

In addition, all 30 MLB teams got a memo before Opening Day listing a nine-step procedure for proper ball storage and handling, including temperature and humidity guidelines.