How To Make Cold Fire Balls


Looking for a cool stunt to impress people with little danger? Dig this pretty sweet video from YouTube channel LlegaWeapon on making cold fire balls. We hear you asking the most basic question, which is “how can fire be cold,” and don’t worry, an answer is forthcoming.

The construction of these balls involves tightly wrapping a wad of cotton in sewing thread until it forms a sphere, then dousing it in alcohol. When you set it alight, the fire burns quickly off of the alcohol in the ball, with the tension created by the threads forcing it to the surface where it is exposed to oxygen. That means the heat dissipates into the air as a flame but doesn’t burn the cotton itself. While the flame itself is warm, the ball isn’t.

Of course, since you are dealing with an open flame, there are still safety concerns (don’t put this thing in your mouth), but in a controlled situation these cold fire balls can be a hell of a lot of fun. Maybe you can even take some to the Flaming Balls festival we wrote about yesterday. There’s always room for more fire at a party.